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Table 1 - Temperature Data Sources

Data Source Number of Mean Temperature Stations Number of Max/Min Temperature Stations U.S.Summary of the Day dataset 1,463 1,463 U.S.Historical Climatology Network 1,221 1,221 A Climatological Database for Northern H 920 0 Australian National Climate Center's Dat 785 785 26 more rows Apr 4 2021Global Historical Climatology Network Monthly - Versionsp.infoWas this helpful?People also askWhat is global Historical Climatology Network?What is global Historical Climatology Network?The Global Historical Climatology Network–monthly (GHCNm) dataset is a set of monthly climate summaries from thousands of weather stations around the world.The monthly data have periods of record that vary by station with the earliest observations dating to the 18 th century.Global Historical Climatology Network Monthly - National Climatic Dat

10 rows·Oct 04,2018·The Global Historical Climatology Network–monthly (GHCNm) dataset is a set of monthly climate

DATA PROBLEM DESCRIPTION OF CHECK Inter-Station Duplicate Check Identifies a station’s monthly Consecutive Month Duplicate Ch Used to identify duplicate ret Series Duplication (D Flag) Identifies duplication of data World Record Extremes Check (R Identifies temperatures that f 10 rows on ncdc.noaa.govGHCN Monthly National Centers for Environmental sp.infoNCEI first developed the Global Historical Climatology Network-Monthly (GHCN-M) temperature dataset in the early 1990s.Subsequent iterations include version 2 in 1997,version 3 in May 2011,and version 4 in October 2018.Version 4; Version 3; Version 2; Contact.For questions specific to GHCNM,please email NCDC.GHCNM@noaa.govGlobal Historical Climatology Network - Monthly

The GHCN-monthly data set provides monthly mean in situ surface air temperature and precipitation data.Data is available for some locations dating back to the 1700s.There is global coverage from 1880 to the present.The data is updated each month with the most recent month's data.

Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) National sp.infoThe Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) is an integrated database of climate summaries from land surface stations across the globe that have been subjected to a common suite of quality assurance reviews.The data are obtained from more than 20 sources.Some data are more than 175 years old while others are less than an hour old.Global Historical Climatology Network Monthly - Version 3

Data AccessQuality AssuranceHomogeneity AdjustmentReferences Unadjusted and Adjusted GHCN-Monthly Data Data and inventory files Directions on Uncompressing and Extracing Files(includes description of inventory file and format of data files [measurement,qualStation-Level Information Detailed station-level information on monthly mean temperatures and trends for unadjusted and adjusted station data is provided in graphical form Explanation of FiguresStation vs Neighbor Comparison Graphs Graphs of station versus neighbor comparisons​ (with addit

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